Mother’s Day.

I hate Mother's Day. There, I said it.  It's a combination of the overwhelming anxiety, guilt and obligation that comes with needing to visit my own Mother, who is very ill and can't make use of the token chocolates, bubble baths and flowers the shops offer, and the deeply-embedded guilt I feel at receiving any … Continue reading Mother’s Day.

Change is Good

I've had a lot of trouble with change in the past. Changes to my routines, or lifestyle have often been sudden, huge and difficult to adjust to. Changes like moving house or having a new schedule have sometimes left me anxious and burnt out. I fully accept that, so I'm pretty wary of changing things. … Continue reading Change is Good

Playground Problems

What a bizarre Monday it has been. This morning was going really smoothly (something I think we should all be suspicious of on a Monday), as most school mornings have done lately, until about five minutes before we were due to leave. I was cramming my marketing notes into my handbag when Sprog piped up … Continue reading Playground Problems

Sprog Turns Six!

That's right - Sprog is six years old now! Woohoo! Where did the time go? After a month of fretting about overrun package parties and what to buy a six year old, I somehow managed to pull the day of without a hitch. I talked Sprog out of a party, something my nerves and finances … Continue reading Sprog Turns Six!